Mrs. Sheri M. Green

Brief Bio – Corporate & Philanthropic

Mrs. Sheri M. Green is a native Washingtonian.  Sheri has spent over 25 years developing and supporting Fortune 500 Companies such as Prudential, Lucent Technologies, and Freddie Mac establishing and driving operational and human resource infrastructures for over 5,000 employees.  In 2007, she decided to take everything she learned and start her own company - Ame Management Group Corporation.​

Over the past 10 years, she has dedicated herself to helping small businesses build their operational and human resource infrastructure so they can not only effectively compete but win commercial and government contracts. At the same time, she has successfully increased her own company by over 200% each year for the past three years alone. 


In early 2016, Sheri decided she wanted to do something bigger than herself that brought glory to God, so, she started a foundation called Mistaken Identity.  MI’s mission is to provide emotional education, workforce training, and employment for low-income residents and returning citizens in DC/MD/VA who need alternative educational solutions regarding High School Diplomas and Career Certifications.  Their motto is “Your current circumstance nor your past determine who you are.”

MI’s primary intent is to help participants understand how to translate their frustrations, emotions, and fears into a productive lifestyle through alternative education benefiting both themselves and their community.


MI’s value proposition is to use real-time data obtained directly from participants to root out and combat physical, emotional and educational barriers that can lead to depression, fear, suicide, unemployment and repeat offenders.


This will make our communities a place where people:

  • Feel safe

  • Want to buy houses

  • Want to start businesses

  • Spur economic growth and development 


To help MI meet their goals, Sheri donates 10% of her annual profits from Âme Management Group Corporation (AMG), Mistaken Identity.