Small Business Coaching

You are a business owner and you love your company but sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, maybe even in a rut.   Where did the passion go and why do you feel like an employee in your own company? Well, maybe it's time to see if you are really a business owner or someone who works for themselves.  In our 12-week interactive workshop, we will look at your "Dream" when you started your company and what you are doing now.  See you got off track and if so, was it intentional or did it just happen.  

Together we will take a journey through your dream business and see where you should go from here.  After 12-weeks, you will:


  • Understand the mindset and core competencies necessary to become a true business owner versus a person who works for their self

  • Create a new vision board and turn it into a manageable 2-page business plan

  • Create and learn how to deliver an effective elevator pitch to potential customers

  • Understand social media and outline a repeatable and scheduled marketing plan

  • Learn the real purpose of an operating budget as well as how to use your P&L to grow your business

  • Understand monthly to actual and year-over-year comparisons and how they can help you save money and determine some logical next steps for growing your business


Learn the true meaning of Human Resource Management

  • Determine if you need to hire staff and understand how human capital affects your budget

  • Understand the importance of and create an Employee Handbook outline specifically for your business

  • How to screen and interview applicants

  • The process of onboarding – What does that entail?

  • Payroll companies and what they can offer to you as a business owner and what to look out for

  • Understand DLLR and local and federal employment compliance and review mandatory quarterly reporting forms


Communications and Intellectual Skills

  • Importance of listening and restating conversations

  • Self-awareness

  • Self-management

  • Empathy

  • Social skills

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